How much does A Police Officer Make In Alabama?

According to a recent report Alabama employs  over 11,300 police officers. These officers are being paid significantly less than other neighboring states. One of the reasons for the low salary is that the cost of living in Alabama is not as high as other larger states of USA. The career of a police officer is not only morally satisfying but also has excellent pay scales and perks. Furthermore the officers also enjoy an attractive retirement package after serving their state for many years. A police officer in Alabama is required to stay fit and healthy so as to serve his state in a better manner.

Average Salary, Pay Scale & Pay Range Of A Highway Patrol/ State Trooper In Alabama

As per the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics the state troopers of Alabama is more than $50,000. Different cities of this state have different salaries as per the experience and rank of the officer as well as benefits. As a matter of fact this state sees a lot variation in the salary of the police officers. The highway patrol officers posted in this state can earn up to $45,000 on an average. This salary is bound to differ with different agencies. Apart from the usual benefits provided to the officers they also have other benefits such as life insurance, health and dental care, paid vacation and sick leave.

Job Description & Duties Of a Police Officer in Alabama

The chief responsibilities of a police officer posted in the state of Alabama are to protect and serve the state to the best of their capability. The patrol police officers have to patrol certain areas to make sure that there are no criminal activities taking place and no criminals are lurking around. Some of the police officers of this state have to do the necessary paper work along with their usual duties so as to maintain an efficient record of every crime taking place in their region. It is the job of a police officer to see that drunk and rowdy people are detained so that they do not harm the people of the state. The officers always have to be alert of happening in their surroundings even if they are off duty. Another responsibility that these officers have is to ensure that all law breakers and criminals punished for their wrong deeds.

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How To Become a Cop In Alabama?

The police officer aspirants in the state of Alabama have to enlist themselves with a law enforcement agency where they are trained to be an officer. Upon the completion of the training they are given a certificate. The officers are required to hold a high school diploma or an equivalent degree and are required to be at least 18 years of age. They have to clear a fitness exam and then apply for the post of a police cadet with any agency in Alabama. They have to complete a basic training of 480 hours and pass the necessary tests.