How to Become a Police Officer in Connecticut

If you’re interested in becoming a police officer in Connecticut, then you are on the right track. Connecticut police officers are required to attend a certified police academy.

The catch is you must be hired by the a city or county police department to be eligible to attend the police officer Basic Training.

In order to start a career in law enforcement in Connecticut, you must be a US citizen.


The state requires that applicants be at least 21 years of age at the time of application. As for educational attainment, you should have at least graduated from high school. GEDs, college courses and completing at least 36 active military service are also accepted.

Felony convictions or Class A and B misdemeanor convictions are grounds for automatic disqualification. Drug and alcohol convictions, as well as driving violations, are also considered to be red flags and depending on the severity, can become grounds for disqualification. Other requirements include an active and valid driver’s license and passing the standard process for application to law enforcement.

Written Exam

This includes passing a written exam as stipulated by the department you choose to join. This is usually the standard POST exam given by the state board. It’s easy to review for, and many police departments have study guides available for free download on their websites. However, candidates may be selected just from the top scorers so getting a good grade is a must.


Evaluations for potential cadets also include oral or panel interviews, passing the required POST physical fitness exam, as well as the medical and psychological evaluations. This includes a drug and alcohol test. While the physical is grueling, many candidates find the psychological exam even more stressful.

All this is to ensure that a candidate is sufficiently sound of body and mind and able to fulfill his or her duties as a police officer.

Polygraph Exam

Another part of the process that may wreck your nerves is the mandatory polygraph exam. It’s usually used as a way to confirm information found during the obligatory background check.

Lying or falsifying application information results in automatic disqualification — so don’t be tempted to lie. If you’re found out, you’re booted out even before you can get a foot in.

Connecticut’s police standards are statewide, and regulated by the Police Officer Standards and Training Council, under the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This means that the standards given are considered to be the minimum requirement.

Every department, whether city or county, can still hire depending on their discretion. However, once you are hired, you will be sent to Basic Training. Completing that will set you on the path towards a wonderful career as a police officer in Connecticut.