Tacfit Commando – Military, Navy Seal, Marine Type Workout Routines

Tacfit Commando is a fitness program I wouldn’t normally give a second look or even write about on this blog because this is a law enforcement focused site, but this type of training is so new and so impressive that I wanted to tell you about it.

This is a program that’s more focused on functionality than on building more muscle tissue. If you’re interested in challenging workouts, the kind that top notch military units do to prepare them for action, I believe that the Tacfit Commando Military/ Law Enforcement Workout Program is a system you should know about.

What is Tacfit Commando?

Tacfit Commando is a body weight exercise program created by Scott Sonnon. This program includes exercises and routines that Scott Sonnon uses to train military, government, and special ops groups around the globe.

These men don’t need bigger muscles just for appearance’s sake. They need to be able to perform in extreme circumstances and to be sure their body is in top form at all times. This is why the exercises in the Tacfit Commando are functional exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, recovery, and the ability to create short bursts of extreme physical activity.

In addition, the guys in special ops units don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym and do traditional workouts. Often, they’re no where near a gym, but they still need to workout hard.

This is why all the workouts in the Tacfit Commando program don’t require equipment and can be done very fast. In fact, the entire program is built on the concept of ultra-short but intensive workouts. The exercises are quick and the rest time between sets is short. Each workout is up to 30 minutes long and can be done practically everywhere.

Who uses the Tacfit Commando

This program or parts of it are used by the following (according to the official site):

  • Israeli Recon Special Forces Paratrooper Unit
  • Close protection squad of the Italian Prime Minister and his family
  • Counter terrorism squads around the world
  • Firefighters and law enforcement officers
  • US Martial Arts Team

What do all of these people have in common?

They all rely on their body to do their job and require top form physical ability to be able to carry out the missions they have, whether it is to do battle, fight crime, fight fire, or engage in hand to hand combat.

This is why the workouts in this program aren’t the sort of workouts people do in gyms. They are more about how to push the body into a new level of ability and not to improve appearance.

Tacfit Commando Workouts

The workouts in the program are explained in detail with pictures and videos. I’ve not seen many programs that offer this kind of extensive explanation and make sure you work with 100% correct form.

The various exercises are then arranged into workouts according to various fitness levels for you to choose from. I recommend starting out with the easiest workouts even if you consider yourself fit. These are not your “run of the mill” workouts. You may be surprised to find out how challenging they really are.

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Should You use this program

If your top priority is to build the most massive muscle mass you can, this isn’t the program for you. However, if you’re looking to shoot your physical ability to a whole new level and see what the top military units go through to get into combat shape, then I highly recommend Tacfit Commando.

In conclusion

TacFit Commando is an excellent program that can help you improve muscle tone, burn off the stubborn body fat, and become much fitter. I can’t guarantee you will have the same kind of fitness level like a Navy Seal or a special ops soldier, but you can come much closer than you would have otherwise.

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