FBI Agent Job Description: Salary, Requirements & More

FBI Requirements, Qualifications & Job Salary

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of the most important investigation agencies in the United States of America. It also is one of the best in the world! The FBI’s work, involves investigation of crime associated with bank robbery, scams, kidnapping, murder, etc. The FBI appoints specialized people for this investigation purpose and these people are referred to as FBI agents. These FBI agents are authorized personnel who carry out the investigation work related to the case assigned to them. Victims are expected to provide all possible information to the agents so they to solve the case as soon as possible.

If you are thinking about becoming an FBI agent and pursue a long time career into the investigation stream, then let me congratulate you on your brave decision! The career opportunities in this field are excellent. However, you need to be intelligent, courageous, and result oriented for this purpose. These are the basic necessities and if you have it in you to know how and when to apply these necessities, then I’m sure you would confirm your name in the list of the most successful FBI agents to date. Now, just having these qualities is not enough;  you also need to complete some formal education and undergo FBI related training. Successful completion of pre-job training and an education would qualify you to become an FBI agent. Let us now read about some aspects of the FBI agent’s career which include, FBI agent salary range, job description and educational qualifications.

FBI Agent Job Description

‘Investigation’. This single word would not be able to completely describe the entire job description of an FBI agent since investigation includes a vast array of duties and responsibilities. Let us read in short about the FBI agent job description.

  • The core duty of an FBI agent is crime investigation, which includes illegal transportation of goods across the borders, murder investigations, tracing kidnappers and resolve kidnapping cases, etc.
  • Communicate with the victims, witnesses, etc, and come to sensible conclusions.
  • Coordinate with fellow officers and establish an information network to accelerate the investigation process.
  • Carrying out under cover investigations also forms an important part of the FBI agent job description.
  • Gather relevant information pertaining to the case and then present the report to senior officials.

FBI Agent Qualifications and Training

With regards to formal education, the basic requirement to become an FBI agent is to possess a bachelor’s degree in any stream. Knowledge or fluency in any foreign language is an added advantage. Other requirements to become an FBI agent include being a U.S. citizen, be physically sound as well as have a high level of mental health, and be between 23 – 37 years of age. You further need to clear the written, oral, and physical tests. You then qualify for the training program, which includes training on FBI rules, regulations and procedures, criminal law, self defense techniques, etc. Read more on FBI agent requirements.

FBI Agent Salary Range

Performance and experience play a large role in deciding the salary of an FBI agent. FBI special agents are paid very well ranging between  $61,000 – $102,000 annually. The more experience  you have, the better the pay.