Police Polygraph Test Questions

Police Polygraph Test Questions – Commonly Asked Questions

I get all sort of emails from potential recruits about the polygraph test. They want to know how to prepare for it.  Some of the emails are genuine from enthusiastic applicants who sincerely want to get hired and become good cops.

However there are other candidates with no moral compass, who just want to “beat” the system. I call them “holster imitators” and I hope they NEVER get a job in law enforcement anywhere. They don’t deserve to be a police officer.

They are the type of candidates who scower the internet, high and low looking for any information on how to cheat on the polygraph.

According to the very popular ebook, How To Pass Your Polygraph, the idea of reading books/websites that teaches you countermeasures to cause (or curtail) a certain reaction that will skew the test’s result is a complete waste of time.

I know this article sound like I’m getting ready to go on a rant, but here’s some of the down right unethical questions I get from some of these people who supposedly want to be cops. You judge for yourself if these people are not going into the wrong profession.

Here’s some of the emails I get concerning the polygraph test:

“Hey Officer Forestal, how can I beat the polygraph test?”

“Can you show me how to trick the examiner?”

“Can you offer any techniques that will help me avoid any questions about past drug use”

“What’s the best way to stall the examiner but don’t send a message that I’m actually stalling”

“Are there any over the counter medicine that I can take that will help me fool the polygraph?”

You’re Gotta Be Kidding Me Right – You Asking About Over The Counter Medicine.

When I get emails like that I get a bit irritated because if you want to become a police officer then your mind-set shouldn’t be about trying too “beat” or “trick” the examiner. If that’s your mentally, please click away from this site as I’m only interested in helping people who are serious about becoming high character cops.

Since I know there are good people out there who follow my blog, and read my emails. I decided to write a few questions that you should prepare to answer during the polygraph test. Remember if you are confused about a questions, ask the examiner to perhaps reword it or explain it to you.

My rule of thumb is to ALWAYS tell the truth no matter how embarrassed you are about a particular event in your life. The purpose of the polygraph is not to eliminate those candidates who are honest. In contrast it was designed to screen out those that are untruthful. Hope this helps.

Listed below are common questions that you’ll be quizzed about by the examiner during your polygraph test:

  • Did you misrepresent or lie about any information on your employment application?
  • Did you intentionally withhold any information on your application for employment?
  • have you falsified information in your background
  • Have you ever in your life been terminated from a past job?
  • have you committed a crime that you were not arrested for?
  • Since the age of 18 have you been convicted of a crime involving domestic battery?
  • Over the past calendar year, have you used illegal drugs at least twice in a given month?
  • Have you used any drugs besides marijuana in the past 12 month?
  • Have you ever distributed marijuana and / or additional illegal drugs in the past 3 years?
  • Have you ever previously stolen greater than $500 worth of products within any specific year from any one of your employers ?
  • Have you stolen greater than $500 in money within any one calendar year from any one of your former employers?
  • Have you ever in your life used a scheme in order to defraud former employers?
  • Have you ever gotten your drivers license suspended and / or revoked for any reason?
  • Have you ever received more than one traffic citations in the past three years?
  • Have you intentionally lied to the examiner to any one of these questions?

Pass The Test Guaranteed!

Sorry for the rant, but I had to really set the record straight that police work is for high character individuals. Sadly there are too many of the “holster imitators” who slip through the crack.

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