911 Dispatcher Oral Interview Tips – Get Sample Scenario Questions

With the economy in shambles and crime rising in certain areas, 911 police dispatchers are in high demand. The hiring process is a long and having an upper hand on the competition is essential to getting the job. Having an understanding of the interview process and knowing what to expect as far as interview questions is a great advantage. The 911 dispatcher interview questions vary from state to state and can even be different from one town to the next.

However there are some common interview questions you must prepare yourself to answer. I’d recommend looking over a Law Enforcement Specific Interview Guide before going to your interview. You can download one at this website.

The Selection Process:

The first part of the process is a written or computerized test. You will be tested in areas such as map reading, data entry, and reading comprehension. The interview itself is usually a panel interview in which you answer about twenty five questions.

Interview Scenario Base Questions: Most of the questions challenge you to make quick decisions. A possible question might put you in a scenario similar to this.

Sample Interview Question #1: A police officer is under fire and a woman is having a heart attack. Who do you help first?

Helpful hints: Answer the question to the best of your ability and be confident. You never want to show any signs of back peddling or being unsure. Another question might go something like this.

Sample Interview Question#2: Tell me about a time where you had to make a tough decision and what came about it? (The interviewer wants to see how you reacted.)

Helpful Hints: This is an example of a behavioral interview question. The idea behind this is that you will probably act in the same manner, given a tough decision.

In Conclusion:

A 911 dispatcher has to know the area like the back of their hand. It’s a possibility you might be asked a geographical question, so be prepared. Be confident in your interview, know your facts like who the head sheriff is or any other pertinent information relating to the department. Relax, be yourself, and be truthful. You never want to lie or you will be automatically disqualified. Ethics is weighed heavily when choosing a person to fill a 911 dispatcher position. Follow these tips as well as what’s in the Law Enforcement Prep Guidee-book to better prepare yourself for your next interview.