Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Hiring Process

If you want to become a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer and want some good police interview tips, then you’ve come to the right website. The impression you make during the initial oral board interview will likely determine if you get hired or not. Things like courtesy, alertness, and self confidence are very important during  the CMPD interview process.

You Conduct During the Interview

Your overall body language, promptness, and general knowledge of police work  are extremely important. I encourage you to speak in a self assured tone of voice, smile occasionally, look the raters in the eye as you listen and speak. Sit relaxed in a natural posture, don’t arch your back or sit ramrod straight.

Work history Questions

The panel will likely review your application just prior to the time you enter the interview room. Remember the overall accuracy of your application is reflective of you.

You should expect questions concerning your work history and experience kind of like this…

  • Will you tell the panel how your work experience, training and/or volunteer work has helped you prepare for this line of work?
  • What training and/or work experience has best prepared you for a career in law enforcement and, why?

Responding to questions about your work experience

In responding to the questions above, you may reach back  to your previous or current job experience (military experience is okay) to answer the question. Experiences in the educational level or training situations are good, volunteer work experiences are even better, and also experiences in the day to day life.

Be Clear, and Concise

Be prepared to articulate what you have learned from your experiences, good and bad. Try to stay clear of short “yes” or “no” answers whenever possible. Expand on your answers by giving more information, which is often helpful in showing how you qualify for the position.

Avoid rambling

It is also important to know when to stop answering a question. You should avoid saying the same thing over and over, rambling, or giving volunteering information that is unrelated to the question. Be concise, accurate and to the point.

If you don’t understand a particular question, ask the panel to repeat the question. If you’re describing your best qualities, give solid examples and describe how these qualities have helped you and benefited your past employers.