Are you interested in becoming a state trooper? Maybe you have a family member who works as one now and that has raised your interest to a huge degree. Whatever the reason for wanting to be one, you want to check it out before you go into it.

It is always best to check out a field before going into it, this way you can be prepared for what comes. This goes for any trade or industry. It would be more economical and advisable to find out what a certain occupation is before going in that direction.


One of the first questions that applicants or interested parties ask is how much does a state trooper make. This will depend on the state. Each state has a different salary scale for state troopers. For example, in Pennsylvania, the state trooper makes about $50,000 a year.

This is before taxes and benefits. There can be a lot of overtime as well. When you first start as a state trooper, you make about $1000 every two weeks for the entire time you are in training.

As was stated above, each state has their own salary requirements. NY state troopers make about the same as Pennsylvania state troopers. If you are a five year vet in NY, your pay will be $90,000.

If you live in southern states where the cost of living is cheaper, you will find state troopers will make a lot less. If you live further north, your base salary will be more. In Alaska, your base pay will be about $56,000. Some states will only pay as much as $40,000.


The amount of pay you get is not only based on the state you live in, but your experience level, education, and military experience. If you really want to work as a state trooper, it is best to consult with your state police or look up state trooper for your particular state and you’ll get the info you need.

There are particular requirements you need to meet if you want to be a state trooper. But once you pass all the tests and get in, you can expect decent pay. Your next step is to grow within the ranks. Every so many years, your yearly pay is supposed to rise or double. You can contact the state police for that information.

State troopers don’t get paid a huge amount. But they do get raises and a chance to rise in the rank, which also increases their rate of pay. The higher you go, more you can make.